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Our vision - Alesi Surgical

Alesi Surgical

Alesi Surgical develops and commercialises products that improve the safety, efficiency and outcomes of advanced surgical procedures.

Our vision is founded on three pillars


Innovation that drives better patient care, improves surgical efficiency, and meets the needs of surgeons and operating theatre staff.


Product development that exceeds industry standards in robustness and rigour.


Commercialisation that creates value for our customers, partners, distributors and investors.

We welcome approaches from research-based
companies or inventors who want to explore potential synergies
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Alesi is grateful to receive the financial support of the Welsh Government to assist in its ongoing Research and Development activities. Specifically, in 2021 Alesi received a grant to help fund the development of its new integrated electrosurgical instrument and next-generation generator.

Having to stop repeatedly to clean the lens can be challenging. With Ultravision that’s not really a concern.

Dr. Ramon Yera - Minimally Invasive GYN Surgeon at Kaiser Permanente, US

Put simply, it gives you the field of vision you need.

Mr Gourab Misra University Hospitals North Midlands, UK

A benefit that possibly goes unnoticed by many, is that it really helps when teaching junior doctors due to the clarity of visual field.

Mr John Conneely Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin

The point being the hospital needed Ultravision because it is a ‘game changer’.

Dr. Ramon Yera - Minimally Invasive GYN Surgeon at Kaiser Permanente, US

Electrostatic precipitation will be the next big thing in laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Jin S. Yoo, MD - Assistant Professor of Surgery Duke University Health System, US