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Dr. Richard B. Rosenfield

Executive Medical Director, Pearl Women’s Center, Portland, OR.

Dr Rosenfield discusses the use of the Ultravision system and his view on the benefits it brings his clinical practice, with a focus upon its impact on the surgical visual field.

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Mr. Gourab Misra

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University Hospitals North Midlands

Mr. Misra shares his thoughts on how the combination of Ultravision with robotics has improved his outcomes in Hysterectomy procedures, and how surgical conditions can be optimised using Ultravision’s unique mode of action.

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Dr. Ramon E. Yera

Minimally Invasive GYN Surgeon, Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles

Dr. Yera discusses the variety of benefits he has experienced using Ultravision including low pressure surgery, creating a smoke free OR and reduction in the use of CO2.

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Dr. Jin S. Yoo

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Duke University Health System, North Carolina

General Surgery News article with Dr. Yoo titled, 'Managing Surgical Smoke Risk While Improving Visualization and Minimizing Patient CO2 ExposureUsing the Ultravision™ System During Laparoscopy'

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Mr. John Conneely

Hepatobiliary & Bariatric Surgery, Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Dublin

A great interview with Mr. John Conneely, who discusses the impact of Ultravision. He covers the "striking impact" of Ultravision on the visual field, how it helps junior doctor training, and the positive impact on confidence in the operating room.

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Prevents Smoke
Release into OR


Camera Cleaning

Reduces Pauses
During Procedure

Facilitates Low
Pressure Surgery

Reduces CO2