Solving surgical smoke problems

Smoke Management
Enhanced Visualisation
Stable Pneumoperitoneum
Workflow Optimisation

Currently only available in the United States and certain other countries that recognise FDA 510(k) clearance. Please contact Alesi Surgical for further informaiton.

Revolutionising laparoscopic and robotic surgery.

Ultravision is the world’s only advanced visualisation system that provides class-leading surgical smoke control and minimises patient CO2 exposure.

The Ultravision2 System is our next-generation generator that synchronises and optimises the application of the Ultravision energy in use – resulting in improved performance, consistency, and usability. It also paves the way for the development and launch of “integrated Ultravision instruments”, surgical tools that perform both tissue dissection and incorporate the class-leading surgical smoke handling performance offered by the Ultravision technology.

Dr Jin S Yoo

Features + key benefits

Ultravision2 Features + key benefits Ultravision2 Features + key benefits
Ultravision2 Testimonial Image

I have used Ultravision for the last two years in most of my laparoscopic cases. The advancements in Ultravision2 have vastly improved overall performance and ease of use. The new integrated monopolar instrument is a game-changer for the technology.

Dr. Urs Pabst-Giger, Senior Consultant Surgeon,
University Hospital Münster, Germany

Prevents Smoke
Release into OR


Camera Cleaning

Reduces Pauses
During Procedure

Facilitates Low
Pressure Surgery

Reduces CO2

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