Why choose Ultravision?

Why choose Ultravision? - Alesi Surgical

Ultravision™ technology helps deliver best-in-class care for their staff and patients by providing the only solution that delivers advanced visualisation, prevents surgical smoke from entering the OR whilst minimising patient carbon dioxide exposure during laparoscopic surgery.

For the surgeon

  • Advances visualisation
  • Reduces camera cleaning
  • Reduces interruptions in surgery
  • Stable pneumoperitoneum
  • Facilitates low pressure, low flow surgery
  • Silent in operation

For the patient

  • Minimises exposure to cold, dry CO2
  • Delivers the proven benefits of low pressure, low flow surgery
  • Reduces time under anaesthetic

For the nurse

  • Prevents release of surgical smoke into the OR
  • Minimises bioaerosol in CO2 leaks
  • Performance verified on subviral-sized particles with >99% efficiency

For the administrator

  • Reduces risk for patient and OR staff
  • Improves staff wellbeing
  • Optimises efficiency in laparoscopic surgery
  • Cost-effective alternative to advanced, high-flow insufflators
  • Lowers carbon footprint through CO2 reduction

Ultravision compared to the competition...

In tests, Ultravision outperforms its competitors when measured against key performance indicators for improved laparoscopic surgery. Electrostatic precipitation used by Ultravision clears the visual field, controls surgical smoke, and manages CO2. This creates multiple benefits for the surgeon, the patient and OR staff. Alongside procedural benefits there are also benefits to welfare of staff, reduction in returns to hospital, and overall cost savings.

Benefit Ultravision™ Advanced
Smoke evacuation system Passive
Reduces interruptions to surgery caused by visual impairment
Performance to sub-viral sized particles
Stable pneumoperitoneum
Reduces CO2 use
Reduces operating time
Best-in-class control of bioaerosols
Reduced need to clean lens
Silent in operation
Cost of equipment ££ £££ ££ £

Ultravision sources: Ansell et al (2014); Levine et al (2020); Buggisch et al (2020); Alesi internal report DREP-002.

Prevents Smoke
Release into OR


Camera Cleaning

Reduces Pauses
During Procedure

Facilitates Low
Pressure Surgery

Reduces CO2